Interracial Porn Embraces Curvy Women – PAWGS

People grew up with the idea that beauty was through the eyes of Barbie dolls for years. The Barbie doll was a white blonde, tall, skinny girl who was shown at the beach with her “boyfriend” Ken, who was a white male, muscular blonde guy that was a surfer dude.

Over the last few years, companies such as Mattel (the makers of Barbie) have made more dolls that reflected real women & real men. But clearly the mentality is there – beauty is in being skinny. Or is it really?

Most women in today’s world have curves, like it or not. Curves should always be celebrated, not taken away. For men, guys have been able to be bigger men and it is looked at as a form of security and masculinity.

With women, the narrative has always been to be petite, always looking perfect, with features of the doll.  This idea has led to many women having harm to themselves in many ways whether it has been physically, mentally or emotionally.

Interracial Porn Celebrates Curvy Women

Interracial porn today has become better in showing off the amazing positives of curvy women. Most people realize that people are not always out of shape if they are bigger or smaller. The body frame & genetics are a major factor in determining how a body will look.

For many women, interracial porn videos have allowed them to fantasize about sex with men who can embrace the curves. Many of the different videos show men with larger penises who are able to satisfy the curvier women much better than men with small to average size.

The idea of “its not the size, but what they do with it” works to an extent. There still has to be a strong physical feeling of a good size penis going in or the experience will be awkward.

PAWG Interracial Porn

PAWG Interracial Porn

Many interracial porn scenes feature some of the hottest PAWG women available online, handling bigger cocks that can in turn, handle them.

Recently, the term PAWG became very popular. PAWG stands for phat ass white girl, and many interracial porn scenes feature PAWGs getting pounded by black guys with huge cocks.

Some people confuse PAWG with BBWs (big beautiful women), but the differences are very evident. BBW women can be any type of woman out there, PAWGs are specifically white women who tend to have serious asses, which is not always embraced in certain spots.

Typically, men who have had bigger dicks like the bigger, curvier women because they tend to be able to handle sex more. In some conversations, there are men who think that they can’t have sex with a skinny woman because their penises are “so big that they will break a small woman.”

To us, the ultimate form of being able to truly please a woman is to please a PAWG or BBW. Most times, it can be harder to sexually please a curvier woman because the curvy women can take more. It doesn’t mean that the sex isn’t great, however, the pleasure is actually much better.

PAWG Women Tend To Be More Attractive To Black Men

The majority of PAWG porn scenes are interracial porn videos featuring black men with white women. While the interracial side of things aren’t a surprise, the PAWG women have gained tons of attention in the adult world.

During sex, PAWG women can do far more with their asses in different positions than other caucasian women can. The sexual experience is much more enhanced and the women tend to exude a strong level of confidence.

Speaking of the confidence, that is a factor that makes PAWG women intriguing in dating & in porn. While many skinnier caucasian women sometimes have worries about looks & how they are coming off to their guys, PAWGs are normally confident in their skills. They know they look good and are very comfortable with their bodies.

Any one will tell you that in sex, the bodies can be all kinds of different ways, but the confidence makes the experience the best.



In our next post, there will be more discussion on sex and porn featuring BBW women.